“Disability Positive” Seminar & Accreditation

“I must say the presentation was delivered in a most professional way by two people who knew their subject matter inside out and delivered it with passion.  I enjoyed the presentation and I know that we all got a lot from it.” (Quotation from trainee who achieved Disability Positive Accreditation in December 2017)

Would you like to be recognised as a person who has a “Disability Positive” attitude?

Our “Disability Positive” Seminar and Accreditation is aimed at those who want to increase their disability awareness and confidence in interacting with disabled people, whether colleagues or customers.  It has a practical, informal approach to ensure maximum participant enjoyment and learning.

At the end of the half-day seminar, participants have the option of applying for “Disability Positive” Accreditation, the only accreditation scheme of its type in NI.  Those who pass the accreditation assessment (all information needed for accreditation is provided during the seminar) will receive a “Disability Positive ” logo and certificate.  These can be displayed at work, on uniforms and CVs etc. to promote awareness that the person is “Disability Positive”.


  1. Disability Discrimination Act: summary and case studies
  2. Language etiquette: exercise
  3. Overview of five key disability areas:
    • Visual Impairment
    • Hearing loss
    • Learning disability
    • Physical disability
    • Hidden disability (including mental health, autism and dyslexia)
  4. Adjustments for employees and customers with disabilities
  5. Video clips: visual, hearing, physical, learning, hidden
  6. Optional follow-up assessment:
    • Multiple choice, lasts approx 20 minutes
    • Score of 75% or more – participant gains accreditation as “Disability Positive”
    • Confidential: no one else will see participant scores – each person will be contacted after the event when the assessments are scored

To book a session or for more details, email info@efdni.org