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  • This BBC article ( highlights appropriate use of language when referring to someone with cancer. It highlighted some “dos and don’ts” as well as individual differences in preferences. Macmillan Cancer Support ( provides advice and a link to a wealth of support so it would be very worthwhile to circulate this information and use it to help inform colleagues about this sensitive issue, especially in the run up to World Cancer Day (Monday 4 February).
  • An employee with sight loss who was unable, due to her disability, to perform one part of her job role, i.e. working with onions in a food preparation facility, was dismissed by her employer. A tribunal found that, having reviewed the evidence, it would have involved little or no cost to have excused her from this duty and would have been a reasonable adjustment. She received almost £12,000 in compensation.
  • A report out today by Prof Michael Marmot from the Institute for Health Equity (see press release for key findings) reported the shocking fact that people with learning disabilities will die 15-20 years sooner on average than the general population.
  • Action on Hearing Loss launches employer resource which includes a downloadable Employers’ Guide, videos, an online quiz and an Employers’ Hub:
  • Mental health issues affects half of all employees according to Mind: Mental Health Resource
  • London North East Railway: Woman who uses a wheelchair finds space on train reserved for wheelchair users filled with luggage – read news report
  • Woman with diabetes denied reasonable adjustments at a concert venue – read BBC News report
  • Woman with agoraphobia denied reasonable adjustments received £5,500 compensation – read report
  • Public attitudes towards people with mental health disabilities is improving: read Equality Commission for NI report