Disability Positive Accreditation Launched

Disability Positive Accreditation recognises local employers who put their commitment to the employment of disabled people into practice. The only local accreditation of its kind, those who attain accreditation can be certain they are working to a high standard and are among the best Disability Positive employers in NI.

Three NI employers share how they were the first to achieve Disability Positive Accreditation –view video

The three As – audit, action and accreditation are the key steps involved. Those who complete these steps successfully will be recognised as a Disability Positive Employer with AAA status.

Employers must complete a Disability Positive Audit within a three-month period of applying. The audit focuses on employment-related disability good practice.

Employers can use this audit to establish areas where they are implementing Disability Positive practice and identify where progress is required in order to enhance standards.

Employers can gain two levels of accreditation:

Disability Positive Accreditation AAA

70-90% of disability good practice actions implemented in the workplace.

Disability Positive Accreditation AAA*

90-100% of disability good practice actions implemented in the workplace.

Member organisations: £995 plus VAT

Non-member organisations: £1,295 plus VAT

  • Accredited employers will be equipped with a logo for use on all forms of communication for the three-year accreditation period.
  • Feedback will be provided to each organisation on areas where further action is needed.
  • The Disability Positive Audit is completely confidential. No organisation is identified in any communication relating to the audit.
  • To ensure standardisation, scoring is undertaken by Employers for Disability NI’s Director of Operations and verified by our legal adviser, Daniel Fitzpatrick, Partner with Comerton and Hill Solicitors and legal adviser to Employers for Disability NI.
  • Random spot checks are undertaken by a disabled assessor and evidence of actions outlined in the Disability Positive Audit are sought from a sample of applicants.

To apply for Disability Positive Accreditation email info@efdni.org

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