Research report: decision-making by people with learning disabilities

A very interesting and important research report has been published, “Does it matter? Decision-making by people with learning disabilities”.  Based on research with people with learning disabilities in Scotland, it sheds light on questions of relevance to all people with learning disabilities.

It concluded that it really does matter to people who have a learning disability that they can make autonomous decisions.  Fundamentally, making one’s own decisions about one’s own life is no less important to people who have a learning disability than it is to any other citizen of Scotland. The project also identified some notably progressive solutions whereby supported decision-making has replaced some elements of substitute decision-making.  The evidence suggests that supported decision-making for people with learning disabilities offers a practical, safe and realistic alternative to substitute decision-making in most, if not all, cases–but only with a significant change in mindset as to rights, resources and risks involved.

The report is available in full and easy read formats from:

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