Membership Services

Membership Services and Fees 2020-2021

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The following services are only available to members:

  • One-to-one tailored Advice and Information Service (refer below)
  • Facilitiation of employer and disability sector networking
  • Online Disability Awareness Briefing
  • Online Jobs Bulletin Board: Advertise vacancies free to attract applications from people with disabilities
  • Training Resources: Tools developed to assist in working toward good disability practice, including presentation, case studies and video resource
  • Publications: Range of publications, both in-house and externally sourced
  • Discounted Rates: On publications (sourced externally), training, access audits, and seminars and Disability Mediation Service
  • EFDNI CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy): Service – further information
  • Disability Support Packfurther information
  • Mediation Servicefurther information
  • EFDNI Legal Adviser

One-to-one tailored Advice and Information Service

EFDNI offers, for members and their employees, a free disability advice and information service. To ask for assistance, EFDNI can be contacted in any of the following ways:
Telephone: (028) 4062 4526
Mobile: 078 1126 7688
Fax: (028) 4066 2325

EFDNI advises on good practice in each individual circumstance on a wide range of issues such as responding to a query by a customer with a disability or assisting an employee who has developed a disability to return to work following a period of absence. Here are some examples of how we have assisted our members:

EFDNI Member Case Studies

  • A member employer asked EFDNI for assistance in developing a staff disability survey. EFDNI met with the member employer’s staff to discuss their objectives and subsequently drafted a questionnaire. A further meeting was held to agree the document and a follow-up session to draw up actions and recommendations based on the findings.
  • A member’s employee contacted EFDNI to discuss a young person with autism who is currently in training and seeking employment. The query related to the range of support and assistance available to secure and maintain employment for this individual as well as travel to work issues. EFDNI contacted relevant staff within Department for Employment and Learning (DEL), liaised with them regarding these issues and kept the member employee informed of progress. The outcome was that the local DEL staff were able to advise on all matters. EFDNI staff kept in touch with the individual to ensure a satisfactory outcome was obtained.
  • A member employer contacted EFDNI for good practice advice regarding administration of an aptitude test for a job applicant with dyslexia, specifically in relation to the extra time which should be allowed. EFDNI contacted the British Dyslexia Association for general guidance. In addition, we were able to highlight other matters which should be taken into consideration such as test room requirements, paper colour, font type and size.
  • A member employer asked EFDNI for advice on car parking for disabled employees, specifically how to prioritise requirements where the availability of car parking spaces is limited. EFDNI gave careful consideration to this query and drew up guidance relevant to these particular circumstances. This was circulated to a number of employers with relevant experience for their comments and, having taken on board feedback received, forwarded through this advice to the member contact.