EFDNI would like to get the views and comments of people with disabilities in either or both of the following ways:
1. Informal Feedback to EFDNI Members

The aim of this service is to make it easier for disabled people to communicate with members of EFDNI on a disability related matter.

Please note, this is a free service for people with disabilities and our member organisations.

  • EFDNI will forward comments on behalf of people with disabilities regarding their experiences (positive and/or negative), as well as suggestions and other feedback in relation to disability and customer services or employment matters.
  • EFDNI will pass on contact details to the organisation if requested.
  • EFDNI will not act as a mediator or intermediary unless it requested to do so by the organisation as a result of the communication.

2. Formal Consultative Forum
EFDNI hopes to establish a forum of people with disabilities, with a diverse range of experiences, who will provide feedback on request from members of EFDNI. This could take the form of reviewing consultation documents via email or, less frequently, individual meetings or participation in focus groups.

Please note, a fee will be paid to forum members based on the participation required.

  • EFDNI will facilitate the distribution and feedback of consultative documents.
  • EFDNI will facilitate individual meetings and focus groups.

If you are interested in either initiative please email