Members’ commitment

Our members commit to EFDNI’s eight Disability Good-Practice Commitments

Disability good practice will form an integral part of our organisation’s policies in relation to employment and customer service.
Our organisation will implement the key statement through the following eight commitments:

    1. Our commitment will be made at the highest level and communicated to all staff
    2. Our organisation will develop policies and practices in relation to
      • the recruitment, retention and development of employees with disabilities
      • serving customers with disabilities
    3. Our organisation will monitor and review progress in relation to the Disability Good Practice Commitments at appropriate intervals
    4. All staff will receive disability awareness training appropriate to their level and role within our organisation
    5. People with disabilities will be involved in the continual development of our employment practices, products and services to ensure accessibility
    6. Measures will be taken to ensure that our premises are as accessible as possible for people with disabilities — for both employees and customers
    7. Our organisation will establish links with a range of disability training providers with the aim of offering work experience and training opportunities to people with disabilities
    8. Our organisation will encourage other employers and service providers to adopt disability good practice

The Business Case

  • There are more than 200,000 disabled adults in Northern Ireland.  This represents 1 in 5 of the population
  • It is estimated that one in four people either has a disability or knows someone who has.  Therefore, a possible 25% of the population could be affected by the response to disability
  • Catering for disabled consumers’ requirements will expand your customer base and give your organisation a competitive edge
  • Amending products and services to meet the needs of customers with disabilities will benefit all customers
  • Research shows that staff morale is increased when they are assured ‘good practice’ exists within their organisation
  • In light of the disability discrimination legislation, failure to respond positively and correctly to disability issues could result in litigation and damage to your organisation’s image
  • Offering other than good-quality service to all consumers is wasteful, expensive, and unacceptable